Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn- the professional’s ultimate social networking solution. Whether job hunting, networking within a specific industry or simply boasting credentials, it has become a golden ticket into the wonky world of self-marketing.

Post your professional life online, comment on a few job boards and suddenly you gain the attention of recruiters and other young professionals. You find yourself climbing the social corporate ladder, or better yet, in a better financial/employment situation.

Or, you can do nothing at all with it, like me. I kept my profile minimally updated, viewed the emails from groups I joined but never participated in discussions or job searches. I stuck to individual company websites and more prominent search engines for listings.

After a few failed interview attempts, I slowed my search. Just when I was getting comfortable again, I received an invitation on LinkedIn to interview with a recruiter within my current industry.

Without even pursuing this job opportunity, or the recruiter even knowing that I was on the hunt, I found myself standing on the threshold of hope. Suddenly, I realized the benefit to LinkedIn and felt grateful to those people who encouraged me to create a profile. I always felt uncomfortable sharing my resume with friends, family and especially strangers because I feared the silent judgement.

Alas, I am relieved that I overcame my stage fright and exploited my abilities online because I was awarded the position I was recruited for! I now find myself itching to dive into an amazing new job/CAREER opportunity!

Safe to say that I am a huge supporter of LinkedIn now. I encourage anyone who desires to grow professionally or who is even just curious about available opportunities to log on to LinkedIn. After all, the Internet and social networking are here to stay; you may as well utilize the tools available to potentially better yourself- especially those that are FREE!!

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