Alone I Stand, Alive

We met here where the force of night had called us

danced until the sunlight cast shadows all about us
and by that dawning your heart was mine
then we crept away slowly leaving no traces behind
your heart was yours again, my heart divine.
A bitter, hollow echo played in my chest for days on end
without warrant for misery it stole my sense
left me haggard and wary, and ever less wise.
I stole glances at the clock hoping its motions would cease-
not a chance would father time submit to my cries.
When the rains washed me under, I had to take hold
of this newly rooted vine to weather the cold of the storm
and as it rises all around me in a fury, I press farther on;
where once there was nothing, a strong will has grown. 
I took your advice- I am living right, on my own.

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