By the Light of the Moon

Last night you and I swam
one last time by the light of the moon.
Just we as your twinkling eyes
watching over me assured safety-
as below me the sands retreated
no longer the distance from shore I feared.
You were stronger than the waves,
more powerful than the tide;
in your arms I was sheltered
from the raging swells, the currents.
We were at peace together,
one last time together.

I did not hear the shouting, the tears,
but my eyes and lips did falter
and by heaven or hell bound they were heard,
but were not answered.
Your name from these lips
will be spilled again,
your voice so brilliant
will in memory sound
causing my heart and eyes to flood,
but not rage from loss, not mourn.
I can only praise the time we shared,
only embrace what was solid and real.
I can no longer swim in a sea of selfish guilt
bargaining my life for yours.
We had our chance; we went as deep as we could-
and somehow we both made it home.


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