Far More

Fought my eyes to follow the line of your furrowed brow.
Prayed a smile would light upon your face if I smiled
but, even then, your frown remained.
Your thirst no less for hate, no more for love
left me there to swallow the last of my happiness
and I am drunk by now on my own accord.

So what role have you played in this current state of mine?
Yet you come to me now, pretending, full of hope?
Dismiss yourself! I am too drunk to stand
Too drunk to give a fuck about this nonsense
seeping from the seam of your lips.
I curse myself for not nailing those lips shut-
for nails may rust and score much worse destruction,
but thread, it proved too weak and me too languid.
What more effort needed I to invest in you?

Your tales, your lies, they led me to waste and ruin.
Such fruits I wish I’d never tasted of
a hope, a future I should have known would never be.
Yet there was I at your heels, you in my head
betwixt your sheets, your grip like death
on the strings of my heart- you played like a fiddle
for a fool, and that I certainly was.

All fears are washed away with tears
drained by the touch of a new hand, unforeseen,
not feared but most certainly welcomed.
And with that touch you disintegrated;
Your time to care expired when what you served me
was bull shit with a guarantee for ache
large enough to swallow this city we both call home.

My life is new,
where my smile brings a smile to another’s face-
a face so darling, so deserving.
This inebriant discord have I finally flushed.
You will never know how sweetly this sobriety reigns;
and that loss is on your own accord.
I am free from worry; its end was you.


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