Hated Enough to Love You

a sparrow beaten down from battle
fallen time and time again;
seems a lesson had she yet to learn
sharing the skies and trees with giants,
when she only occupied space with her song.

now, quite clearly this bird’s fear is strong
for she fights to keep from your grasp-
firm but ever so gentle-
she pecks, but not for blood, simply freedom
from what she has never understood,
perhaps never truly gained.

once mended dutifully by your hand
her curious gaze mimics that of yours.
you are a now her hero, you see,
in man’s quest to cure all that ails
and you now have taken a liking to the title-
but not just to “it” alone.

and so she has done the same.
there is a hint of adoration as you choke
down the courage to set her free-
your heart would shatter like her wings
should she leave you so suddenly

she lies in her bindings;
you can speak no other words
she has realized- you understand-
her potential to escape
but as she is healing, heart racing-
so afraid of you,
afraid of silence,
so afraid of leaving.


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