I am not Ready; I am…

Ready or not, I bent and broke,
lost my strength, lost myself.
Stumbled through life empowered by an angst
hidden in the hollows of my heart,
so deep the trenches swallow armys whole.

There was no time to harvest hearts
the feelings needed to encourage strength,
to build, to maintain a dying love-
we left the gates open and herded,
like sheep, right through.

There, we stumbled upon the rocky terrain,
trying to keep strength and focus,
falling short and hard, dueling pain against pain
but never offering assistance to the other-
together but so very much alone.

Eventually, the night cast upon us its bitter darkness
and our paths shot straight and narrow
our separate ways.
We lost ourselves in our worlds of want-
Our battle to the very breath, the last as a whole.


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