My Scarlet Letter

Burning inside me, shielded by this skin
grows a thickening beat, a thickening flesh
and as it enhances the light in your eyes,
the breath of my soul slowly dies.
This disdainful ferocity shredding
the last traces of comfort I find within
even those dully familiar resting places
have now only been scorned by this
ever-present eerie glow of red
emanating from my now fiery flesh.
I cannot shake these urges to rip from me
the very detestable sign of what I will soon be-
encapsulated by a strain of nausea
that swallows me deeper and deeper
into the ranks of statistics.
Not a tear can even my body shed,
for the fluids have all been spilled
but it shakes from its fears- its obvious sins
how it cowers at the thought of revelation
which alone is enough
to alert even the blindest eyes.


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