Night Fires

I felt clearly, a little too clearly
the surge of electricity
you summoned to shake the skies as
you spider-webbed your way
from my eyes to my heart;
I lost my breath and my step faltered.
You painted the horizon
with demonic trees and skewered clouds
and dexterously without hesitation
unleashed your love onto the earth.
The blaze shook the bewildered,
awoke the sick, and spited all fear.
Smoke sweltered against a midnight sky
muffling the siren’s screams; it is humorous-
how they draw near to you;
still proclaiming their seductions infallible.
I stood, affixed gaze to the far reaches
where like a ghost you lingered,
etched in my mind, not like the webs
 I have found myself tangled in before.
These powerful threads you have
mapped out before my eyes
are not self-serving-
not designed for entrapment;
I am not your prey.
As these lines you drew shattered the sky,
they shattered the worlds between us;
and pulled together perfectly
the once scattered pieces of a masterpiece.

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