Not a Heart Left to Save in Sanctuary

With shattered dreams like wings from flight
no sleep will I see tonight
and if by day the silence breaks
and carries me away I will not hesitate.
I keep a close, but opened mind;
my heart will not ache though it has been harmed,
and while I gain understanding of all that I wish I did not know
I hope you find your happiness;
I hope this brings you peace… and ease to sleep.
There is no lease agreement
within the walls I built to protect
this heart from pain, from commitment-
and expectations are a myth for they
fall short the more you pray for them
to keep safe your soul.
How fast we fail to comprehend the damages
we shield within the compounds
we define to keep us safe from all these fears
and still we cry and yearn inside a little,
but vow that we are fine and still
we swallow all of our pride to gain and ounce of credibility-
which we waste absolutely, on uncertainty.

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