The Buoyancy of Broken Hearts

Another Saturday morning conquest- the struggle out of bed,
out of the wreck I made myself last night and all I might have said.
The night was out to haunt me just like every one before
but I combatted it with laughter, raised my glass and toasted fear farewell.
And as the juice ignited in my veins, my eyes grew wild-
my swelling mind a blur, but my mysterious heart was full again.

My actions negated my intentions while the clingy nylon shimmered beneath the light
as my hips swayed- as my body played the musical beats.
What flowed freely from my lips was not to the tune of the piano players’ strokes-
not the jovial approval of their perverse and lurid jokes; it rang of relief and revelation.
It was the conviction of understanding, personal acceptance and peace-
it was rapture.


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