There is No Place like Home

What hope lies in salvation-
just click your heels and you can return home?
If such a trick could be mastered,
we would all have reason to believe.
Cowards lay in wait and prey on the lost,
on fear; they pray in fear.
This life is not their own,
this hell is not their home.
It’s not their right, their destination
to bide their time until judgement day-
proclaiming who is worthy of heaven,
condemning others to hell.

They swear we can be free of evil?
Of our worry, our debts?
They point their fingers,
salt the wounds.
Is it not a sin to swear, to lie, to judge?
If ever we are really free
no hypocrisies will reign,
no religious establishments will flank our streets
like vulturous crutches to aid the weak, the blind.
For no longer will man be blinded by the “truth.”


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