This Sacrificial Offering I Bring

I slipped into another suffering terror;
I was not drowning again.
The salt of seas faint in my veins
but my tongue long since healed
from the grainy abrasions.

When I swallowed my wrongs,
my rights counteracted.
was alive, alert, angry at such a denial-
a betrayal by hired agents
certain in their profession to never fail.

Two times it seems I proved myself a failure.
the attempts to take my life in my hands
with disappointing results
as far as these eyes of mine could see.
My selfish lines drawn red, permanent.
Was it not any more selfish to want me here?

My judgement still clouded, I cursed my heart
for not yielding results of a more sounding beat,
I feared my mind a more notable opponent
my body, a more powerful art
than mother nature nor god could ever defeat.

Suspension is the puppetry of human desperation-
for far too long I clung to the hopes of nothing
I hung like a puppet waiting for Him to say when
while He stole from me love after life after blood.
Then I fought for control; He made a mockery of me
what a hypocrite, like His followers, is He.

I have since triumphed far greater
gained victory not sought and redemption
by a savior, a king, unforeseen.
Blessed am I now with control of this life
a perfect unity of souls not sacrificed.


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