Water-Filled Heart

I sought you, but with miscalculated abuse,
you knocked Cupid’s arrow from the mantel
and watched as it shattered, conquering every
thought of me.

Your kiss smeared my lipstick
to cover the pain, flamboyant on my cheeks.
The vacancy swelling my heart to epic proportions
as once elaborated promises, like raging water
crashing upon rocks, faded.
Providing a spectacle you found suitable for a stranger’s eyes.

So, you summoned and the strangers gathered
with each staggering step you took to wake me
you borrowed happiness from the masses
hoping peace would ensue the moment
my eyes greeted the morning sun.

How terribly deceptive must my gaze become
to have you waiting, wanting to steal my breath
in hopes of gaining some sweet revenge
for the misery we both created while
wearily striving to learn to love
under the bitter camouflage of courtesy, and
while swearing through frustrated gasps of breath
I once wore around my neck for comfort, for security.

You picked my scars and groped the wounds.
So typical of you.
Belligerance cast a phantom shadow
upon my door as I shut it out of anger
locking the memories outside its wooden frame.
Frantic sobs echoed through panic and fear
streaming across my rouged cheeks
and I pressed clinched fists hard to my eyes.

But the sun’s glare still scolded my eyes
as the water raged on, burying the memories beneath its’ waves.
My stained-glass windows helped to hide my tears
but not the emptiness.

Release me from the realms of the remote
my Spanish-channel dancer.
For I love to hate you now.


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