We Exist to Prove we do not Exist: A Testimony

I wish it was not me to be the one to tell You
but my Dear, the time has come and I would rather-
not save it for someone who pulls the trigger
out of fear, instead to save You
from this life grown hollow
like that streak of bad luck
when we crossed such deadly streets
sin city highlighted, blinding me of all that I knew-
yes, I would rather You know this, my version.
And so it goes:
we danced around, like lushes
skirting all that is obvious with reality
converting believers to spineless zombies at best,
at worst, paranoid battalions of warlords
and cynics into believers of anything
less tangible than their own flesh
enlisting thousands in surgeries
to wear our push-up bras within,
attaching our own ass to our face,
playing “God” and paying for all that “He” or “She” did not gift us-
our buxom behavior was nothing foreign,
No negotiations were made with terrorists,
or our maker, to see our behavior fit.
But fit it did, only not like flesh but atop it,
molesting our curves, thoroughly handicapping the imagination.
Our childhood pride milked dry by the production of our street monickers-
how sly we were to make “names” for ourselves in the walls of this city!
Cocktails sloshed about our heads until Congress ruled sobriety unlawful;
a sin against human aptitude for pleasure and progress…
and we lapped it up like dogs
Divorcing ourselves from the socially challenged- the saints, the healthy, the wise.
All of nature succumbs to our heady dominance– if it is of this world, we can defeat it!
If we can perceive it to be, we can defeat it!
I tell You true, we seek the destruction of our existence out of spite
out of fear of what we could discover, but do not yet comprehend.
Is this as You had intended?
A race revered only within the bounds of individual skulls?
Love requiring a higher degree of effort than hate to maintain?
The value of this body You provided rising with adjustments You do not require?
You provided life, knowledge, and ability.
We received; we tweaked; we replaced You.
We have “evolved”
We have become the theory we fight to deny.


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