Out of control

You feel so alone in the company of strangers, and a stranger to me you still might be- but I am comfortable with you.
To wait would do more harm,
for no certainty here can be traced
when someone so desired is as loose as an infantryman’s cannon.
Truth be told, you are not the only one whose following spans far past your own understanding, and whether acknowledged or unknown, the wants, the needs of our humanity could quickly be fulfilled.
So you have chosen your path and I will stay to mine; should they cross a second time, perhaps time was never ill in intent…
Just in complete control.

Time may keep its control
for there is nothing left here to give
and even should the lines on this plane intersect time and time again,
a dense,foggy haze will obstruct all views for these lines would be better off parallel


One thought on “Out of control

  1. Your a great writer, as I’m sure you’ve been told many times. But I would have said an “Infantryman’s Rifle” or an “Artilleryman’s Cannon”.
    Nonetheless still great work.

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