Denial, but you are my safety

Sometimes the weight of this guilt is more than I can stand to bear.
I fight to smile but the pain shines through and you cannot see what is left of memories of you, of us and this mess we made.
The execution of our plan so perfect we presumed; you left and I moved on, from this burden too
Or so I believed but with each new day I scrub away at these stains that only seem to brighten beneath the strokes- to weigh heavier in existence than our efforts to extinguish that tiny little ember nestled deep within the womb of life.
I never meant to return here, swore that I knew not the way but now I have lost myself in this attempt to redeem what is left of my soul.
No recollection have I of the journey back here… No idea how to escape back to comfort to where my heart was not riddled with guilt.
Where I laid my head gently and sleep came with ease because these hollow, silent cries plague my mind as though so real I shall grow deaf by their increasing intensity…
Unless you can again save me


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