An artist’s mastery

The artist is a master of emotions- but of expressing or disguising it is hard to discern… While he traces lines upon his chosen canvas his face crinkled, hardened, shines full of determination, passion and conflict. There is no sadness, no ache though his mind is plagued with thousands of conflicting emotions- the inspiration to his talent and the cost of it all.
Where is the love for his creations, the pride upon completion? Buried deep within his beating heart for pride is the folly of the greats- even the greatest king must fall, so the artist knows that to be boastful brings such injustice to his efforts. And hidden here beneath these words, these strokes is a love swelling so grand that even the skies canvas could not contain… For the expressions of emotion portrayed grandly to the world are buried deep beneath each fleck of ink, are in sync with each beat of his conflicted heart.


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