His voice, a deafening sound

Every little girl wants to be a princess, every little boy, a hero. Parents fight hard to not tarnish these images and spoil their childrens dreams. A daddy tells his little girl that she can be anything she wants when she grows up… she wholeheartedly believes him and stores this phrase in her memory for eternity.
Why is it now, on the verge of twenty-five that she wants to hear his voice more than anything? She can hear the words loud and clear but the voice is unfamiliar; it is hollow and foreign and she is quickly losing confidence in her achievements and future goals. She is losing faith in herself.
How often do we not realize the consequences of our actions. Even when our words sound on like echos in hollow spaces the way we physically express ourselves completely negates our voice.
Poor girl. Longing to feel something…to fill that void and be whole again. She can do it on her own, if she would only let that strangers voice fall silent; if she would only listen to her own heart.


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