Are you proud of yourself?
Satisfied with your actions… the pain of guilt and humility after once again someone had to come to your rescue- the last person you expected.
How can you wonder why faith in you is lost dear child? You have none in yourself and no matter the words, the effort to reach out, you reject it and pull these stunts and we are supposed to believe that it will not happen again. Am I to believe that it happened at all? This plea for help, is it just for attention now?
I pretend it is all in your head and I cater to your cries, but I will not babysit your burdens anymore.
You are responsible for this and I hope that this help that you seek
gives you what you need.
Should your questions not be answered this time I have no guarantee for you of solace and understanding.
You have far surpassed my degree of understanding… I was not built to be a savior


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