Change is nigh

With the exception of about four (and that is probably a generous number), I have discovered that every friendship I have established this year is not really real. They were seasonal… toxic. I guess if we have a month of 2009, I am allowed to start declaring new years resolutions… as well as implimenting them.
My trust, and patience, was tested this year- pushed to the max since I am being honest. This new year, I will not be as trusting or open. I will continue to practice patience towards others, but I still will promise nothing. Promises, in my opinion are still only made to be broken.
With a new job and slowly rising return of confidence, I will set forth in a new year with the determination and willingness to be a bit more selfish in my pursuit of happiness. I will still donate my time and efforts to help those in need- my new job will offer countless opportunities for volunteer work- but I will not be so self-sacrificing to make sure that my friends and those I care about are finding happiness at the expense of my own.
It is my turn, and this is my year


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