Gooble-ty goop

Thanksgiving this year was unexpectedly eventful. I regret nothing, as usual, but I suspect that I will not partake in similar activities in the future. I will begin my journey with Tuesday afternoon because it pretty much set the mood for what followed. I received a highly anticipated phone call offering me a new job, which I happily accepted! I then had cause to celebrate. Which I did… in conjunction with my cousins 21st birthday dinner that night. Mmmm La Casona margaritas!
So, Wednesday was a short work day (hooray) and coincidentally a gorgeous day so I lounged about outside for a bit until my sushi date with Jenn. We decided to call it an early night which is unusual for us, so I ventured out to spend some time with my sister… where a preferred snuggle buddy later joined.
Woke up late Thursday morning, rushed to my grams for lunch and then hit the road for the big A&M vs TU game. It was cold and sadly the Ags lost, so we hit Northgate to mourn the loss. Several drinks and a cheap sushi roll later, and my stomach was forming rolls itself- that later appeared on the side of several farm roads on the drive home. I was not alone in my misery though, so what is left of my guts believes that the sushi might be the culprit.

Friday night I was supposed to meet my cousin, who’d turned 21 earlier in the week, for some debauchery on Washington Ave but was still suffering the adverse effects of the night before so I opted for a calmer, more pleasant evening. I did a very out of the ordinary thing, and invited a guy out on a “date.” I use the term loosely because, well, our situation is, for a lack of a better term, odd. Dinner was full of melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness, delightful conversation and a very inattentive waitress. We proceeded to River Oaks once the waitress stopped directing ships and brought us our check. Stopped at the Starbucks across from Starbucks where he had his very first Starbucks hot chocolate and my grande, soy, no water, vanilla Rooibos latte was exceptionally warming. The Goonies was, I later learned, an ideal choice… although, I thought at one point that my “date” didn’t find it as compelling as I had hoped and I was a bit bummed with my efforts. After some much needed feedback, I can safely say that the evening was successfully executed. (chances of it happening again… who knows)
Saturday felt rushed. I woke up at an undesirable hour. Apparently, my mom believed it was urgent that I have my tires rotated and balanced… a life or death situation, let me tell you. She was kind enough to follow me so that I did not have to wait at that smelly sweat shop. Really, she needed an excuse to make it to McDonald’s for breakfast before the rush. Free breakfast was ok by me, sort of numbed the grumpiness that was bound to ensue. Which did when she decided to spring countless errands on me once she had already suckered me into the car. I was invited to Memorial Park to play some volleyball when I finally got home. I did not have a very warm reception, but definitely enjoyed the sand between my toes. It had been too long. I finally got to nap afterward though I woke up later than intended and had to rush from that point on. Made it back to the Heights with negative time to spare and that is where things get a little messy. I Relaxed… a whole bottle by myself no less. Then the group hopped a cab to Ei8ht to dance. I danced my “date” into the floor and then when my feet were tired (and my buzz was killed) I was ready to go. Jenn on the other hand was not. We had to be up and back across town for the Texans game/tailgating by like 8:45 on Sunday so leaving early was my only option and trusted that she would make it safely home… shortly after me. Such is not the case.
7am: I flutter my eyelids and roll over. 8am: I am out of bed like a bullet from a gun, shoot Jenn a text, throw on my Texans gear and head out the door. After no response from Jenn. I give her a call. No answer. Shoot her another text. No reply. Hmm… give her an hour. Tell her that she can meet us at the game later… no response. Call again. Nothing. Try to enjoy first Texans tailgating experience but wind up constantly checking my phone. Worry and frustration ensue. Call again. Nothing. Still worried but at this point the available seats have been filled. Hit the ramps at the stadium at a slow jog to make kickoff- all the way to the top and I am feeling great (had been too long since I’d gone for a run). Finally around 1pm, she responds. Hallelujah! She’s alive. Apparently had quite the night, but is safe and sound and then the Texans lost and that concludes our story.


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