The Ironicies of Life

I know in my head that the decision I made last Tuesday is ultimately the best one for me in the long run. Why is my heart still conflicted?

Oh, that’s right. Because I found out today that the girl whose position I should have taken in our Dallas office after she was fired, quit this week.

If they had not hesitated, I would be in Dallas where I would LOVE to be. Instead, they lose twice and I am secured in a great position with a new company that was eager to have me join their staff

Round two of the day: I hate hospitals and doctors… But my new job is a pediatric rehabilitation clinic. Go figure. Well, my dad had surgery today for a huge tumor in his foot. It was more aggressive and had spread farther than the doctors realized so now he has to stay overnight. Drs… Ugh!

Third situation: I don’t even know where to begin with it honestly. I guess if i moved, I’d be in a relationship :-/


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