I’ll (not) be back

It seems as though I have had my fill of you as you have filled my suit, my dwelling place and once satisfying life with your granuals of aggravation and disappointment.
No, I was not happy upon stepping foot in your presence, but I was less overwhelmed. My name was a mystery to most and that, quite frankly, was a greater pleasure than any courting done on your turf.
You are not a first, or even third love and I oh so willingly love the coast, but I can gladly turn my back on you without a second glance.
I will not fall victim to your sand traps… will not be held captive with the nylon of these nets you have strung about the air like spiders’ webs.
Friend or foe will forget this mad season and just as I watched it all come undone…
My will be, I am done.


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