Beech Ball

I am continually amazed at the behavior exhibited by self-proclaimed “adults.” I guess they are only adult by the number of years counted towards their life but their behavior in no way reflects that of an adult nature. Yes, we congregate on courts of sand and bump balls back and forth… some cultures might consider those acts a bit childish but does that mean that we must huff and puff when we do not get what we want? Does that make temper tantrums, back stabbing and gossip acceptable? NO!
Unless you need a poopy diaper changed, a time out or in school detention I am pretty sure that arguments and misunderstandings at this age should be discussed in a civilized and direct manner. There is no need for dramatic displays or middle men and there should be no tolerance of said behavior by anyone over the age of 15 at this point.
the courts have become a breeding ground for gossip and drama- they set the stage, provide a ready audience for conflict and it has gotten way out of hand.
If you want to be a gossip or drama queen, join a fucking theatre group and keep it off of the courts. Maybe then, those of us that actually want to play ball can and might have some real competition… instead of just spoiled sports and attitudes.
You might think your bitch attitude makes you a bad ass, but you are alone in that thought.


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