On Individuality in heels

these years have built me strong- have proved me wise with hope and understanding of all that once had me cradling my knees to chest in fear.
from sneakers and sandals I have graduated, standing tall in heels paired for victory with starched blouses and pencil skirts thought too matchy by those less capable, less geared for the successes life has to offer- less faced by demands of the corporate world.
here I am America, ready to take you on with my whole-hearted strut across the threashold of mediocrity into secured embellishment and title.
I am ready for this, I am screams the breaths from my throat and I believe it.
I believe it too when this image that I see mirrored back is a greater version of me, still my reflection, still individual, distinguishable from the rest of the corporate drones mechanically crawling these ladder steps.
I am one, standing free, bravely amongst this land indivisible professing justice for all.
finally, this progression is justifiable and I am confident, unafraid.


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