That familiar light in his eyes

I am a mix of unfiltered emotions- a nervous wreck and exhausted to boot. I might be a bit disturbed, but at this moment I am told that I have to step up and be strong.
At 8:30 am I dropped him off for a follow up visit and headed back home to catch up on sleep. I suppose the excitement and anticipation of the first day at my new job overwhelmed my sense of urgency for rest because I tossed and turned all night without relief. Anyway, at 10am my mom called to first gripe about the fact that I was still in bed and to inform me that my father had passed out cold in the doctors office, was incoherent and could not remember how he got to the doctor.
He was then rushed to the hospital where he is still currently being monitored… for what at this point I do not have a clue. He has had countless blood samples drawn, x-rays, CAT, EKG and MRI scans but still we have no word. My dad is a tough man, and he is nervous… it shines through his eyes.


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