the chariot of hearts, misleading

Caught here on the drowning side of sanity
clearly gasping for a breath and by faith, some light
but there is no guarantee we will make it through the night,
so should tonight be our last chance to say goodbye
and tomorrow come too soon, instead, just at all
I have a dream that we can face these endless sorrows
with every ounce of life that is left inside our eyes.

Blind might we be to these present tiers of danger
and tears we cry might shatter glass in our discord
but our rage will soon burn strong enough to bend the metal
and we can build upon a foundation ever strong.

Slower now, my dear can you see that we can breathe again?
The turbulent times we conquered without much effort at all
though it seemed often too burdensome to brave these battles
we have made it now to where the air is safe, is clear.

And in time we see that the ever-constant sorrow
was merely mole hills turned to mountains by despair,
and fear that maybe we were breaking down these guards
we built to hide our hearts and save ourselves
and really there is no, and was never, danger here.


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