As we draw nearer to Thee

The whole world stood, statuesque, in the shadows of the righteous
we, hand in hand, heart beats synced, dove in head first
the rest watched in terror as we with great finesse narrowly escaped.
Our repentance gave us new life as we chanced to look back
only to find our senses numbed to the anguish we did see.

Now all of this kingdom, He was sent to protect is an empty abyss-
those left behind emotional, discombobulated.
In great vows of despair seeking refuge they shout
but their voices are muffled by a cacophonous riot
as choirs of angels and demons unite
streaking the night skies with fiery daggers in their flight
for the wage of sin is death they proclaim-
and they execute wildly these beggars as they call them by name.

By this life freely given, but now taken away
we see the love of a savior grown passionately mad,
with a concern for his children, his creations you see
if disappointment comes at a cost, then the price of death has inflated
with the continuous rise in demand and necessity for life…
we have done a great injustice to ourselves, mankind.
Yet, still we take such rich breath for granted.


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