Our roots give us strength

The failing flickering of life is nothing like laughter in this plight for love
though time might seem to stand still, it unwinds with passion for disaster-
an everlasting, harnessed lingering of lust and ridicule
by which we fail to see through once we are blinded by the tears our eyes bleed.
We cannot strive to achieve such greatness when the hands have dealt these cards of change
and somber shillings cast upon us beat the path of a rather circumstantial certainty.
How fate can leave us hollowed, can leave us thirsting still for more
despite the ever present reminders of all that we cannot afford.
While time lays out these schedules like a Mayan calendar of lies…
growing truths well up inside our breasts that we no longer hide.
These masses swell in opaque sorrow to proportions yet unknown
for we fight with knife and nail to end their life before our own
and if tomorrow finds us here again, withering, weary in these clothes
I am certain we can be stronger, together, fight this battle together,
no longer alone.


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