Of Fan Clubs and Want

On my toes I have crept about you
never guessing your thoughts,
for never did I anticipate notice.
From the start I was a skeptic, uneasy
but I watched a change, in you.
As I stood, silent, still and swore… never-
thought I knew the trouble I would get into.
I guess that I lied, but I lied in wait and wonder too
and nothing good came about this change
and how, now, a fool am I.

There is no erase and rewind
but certain am I of something beyond my control.
If honesty is foul, is criminal- it is still of man
and by man it is to a degree acceptable now-
made so by one and tolerated by many
and not a soul dares fault you,
for the god that you seek may very well be
the god that they see, in you.

We are but memories of a time you cannot erase,
but seem to want and will to replace, and you do.
With ease these moments of control and carelessness intertwine
they breach your contract of faith and morale
and ever so slowly, we have lost ours, in you.
We never asked if it was ok to love you
and you never wondered if it hurts.


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