Just a hunch

I forgive not these new accordances,
this justifiable luxury of title-
the smile that raked my face at each thought,
as each mention sent me reeling, made me dizzy
but now just seem nauseous over-calculated phrases.
I drew mazes in contempt of hope, or perhaps, sorrow
mourning your inabilities and my attempts to please
and while progress at first seemed made
this clarity today stills my mind from change.
I find it vain to say my direction is rather sensible,
and my connections with heart and word are quite sound,
infallible at times and yet I cannot break through…
cannot measure up to the bounds
that bind the heart and mind to misery.
I will not fix these mistakes for they were not mine to make
and I refuse to seine this flood of feelings.
If a person like I should ever drown in such misery,
it is only because they allowed themselves to fall this deep.


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