A year to remember…

The past year was a rollercoaster ride… I made friends and lost friends; loved and lost. I started this blog to get my thoughts out of my head so I could turn my focus elsewhere. Well…. People “hate” me for having an opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs. Then I opt to sensor myself in the end to spare their feelings. Why? because I am really not as mean as some may think. I am just tired of people being two-faced, treating people miserably and then for great people being dragged down with those sucky people. I am also tired of people taking things personally, myself included.

2010 will be a year to remember. There will be less time to write about things that do not matter and more to focus on my passions: I am finally moving out for good. I plan to read like I used to, a book a week or more. I will write with intelligence, precision and grace. I will work out like I used to and do more volunteer work. I will be positive, motivated/motivating and above all, I will be happy. Things will be different this year. They will be better.


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