What happened in Vegas…

I went to Vegas for summer vacation, not to gamble, but to visit an old friend from Baylor. Chris and I had several classes together during the semester I attended school there and I visited him twice in Waco before he moved back to Nebraska to finish school. We talked about meeting halfway for camping trips and such but never followed through.
Then he moved to Vegas to pursue a career as an officer in the LVMPD. I thought for sure that I would never see him again. It had been a solid 5 years since we had seen each other, and while there had always been an attraction, there was no expectation that I would visit there nor him here. So when he invited me to come up there for vacation as an alternative to my usual family trip to hill country, there was fear of awkwardness but it was Vegas baby, was I really going to forego a trip to sin city for a little discomfort? I do not think so!!
Consequently, this trip was my first on a plane outside of the state… My second time in air, ever and my first time out of the south. I was so excited but I could not tell which I was more excited about: plane ride, Chris or Vegas!
Nothing about the trip was awkward; in fact, it was eerily comfortable. He had quite a bit in store for me! We took a drive to San Diego for a couple of days, stayed in the gaslamp district and it was not as impressive as I would have expected. The hotel on the other hand was gorgeous and the slow of the city night (life) was surprisingly calming. I expected more hustle and bustle of a big city, but was pleasantly surprised!
I think that my favorite part of the entire trip was just driving with him. I have never felt more comfortable, more at ease with a person in all of my life. Whether we were our usual sarcastic selves towards one another, singing along with the radio or saying nothing at all it was so pleasant. I did not want the drive to ever end.
When we got back to Vegas, we tried to drive down to Hoover dam but nearly ran out of gas so we wound up going to the shooting range and then had a “date night.” He took me to one of his favorite restaurants and then to a drive in movie!!!

The whole week was nearly magical, and then the magic ended as I boarded a plane and returned to reality.


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