Saturday night is still ringing in my ears

I never really wanted to know what having a concussion felt like- and I am not 100% certain that the misery that is contained in my skull is the result of a concussion- but holy Lordy my head is throbbing, ears are ringing and my vision is blurry.
The dinner date at Escalantes was amazing, the dancing on the box at Pandora was phenomenal as expected, but there were seriously like 7 people in the place… at 11pm. Jenn and I got the bright idea to take everyone to Ei8ht because it was supposedly hoppin’ and we had to be where the crowd is of course. I do not think anyone else was too enthused by the idea but they all followed suit anyway.
Jenn and I parked on the side of a backstreet behind the club thinking it would be a better bet. Well, sure it was except that she thought that she needed to park a little more off of the road after I had already taken off my seatbelt, so she put the truck in drive and it did not move. She got a little worried, threw it in 4wd and reversed, we spun out, so went back to forward and we lurched… Right into a cement sidewalk/culvert in the ditch. My head hit the roof/windshield and knee smashed into the dash. I thought that I was ok and then BAM she hit it again, and I felt that searing pain all over again.
Day 4 and I still have a raging headache and a swollen knee. Things like this only happen when you do not have health insurance.


One thought on “Saturday night is still ringing in my ears

  1. check her car insurance…it will cover medical for something like that. She probably has a deductible, so that might not be something you want to do, but if she’s claiming anyway for any damage, I’d do it.

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