I am to blame for being lonely

It was enough to take action,
that look in my eye, but a coward should I be when in heat, I meant to cry “retreat!” but my lips broke free and my heart accepted defeat.
My head just pushed over the line, it often at times had toed in my mind but back then could find the will to suppress such blissful crimes that humanity often has seen though pled blind.
Who points the finger back at uncle Sam in spite of losing credibilty in office and gaining a satisfactory reputation out of sight? Or is it out of mind when we succumb to such delights?
Should we be punished when we carry on natural processes, for say, practice?Perhaps not, but still we come to to terms with these behaviors via what others determine them to be- they define us as these creatures feeding on what we fail to see as impulses and animalistic delinquencies not fit for a civilized society.
Then in time, we blame ourselves for our indescretions. The perception of the world towards ourselves comes into question and the empty hollows swell with embarrassment and fright. For what we have done was something natural and all this time felt decent, was calm and right, but still these soldiers of this war seem certain that for this freedom we take for granted, taint with sin and lose sight. We give up our reservations in paradise; we give up eternal love and rest at death for which they live to fight.


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