25 random facts about Shel

1. I am arachnophobic, claustrophobic, slightly hydrophobic, coulrophobic and podophobic.

2. My eyes turn a fierce green when I cry.

3. I could eat sushi and salad every day for the rest of my life and never tire of either.

4. I want to be a librarian, college literature professor, published author, semi-professional photographer in my life time; I’d also like to retire into philanthropy.

5. I took my first plane ride at the age of 22… to Dallas. I spent more time sitting in the plane waiting for it to take off than I did in air- I still found it a rather splendid experience.

6. I don’t buy into luck and am not a fan of promises, but I am not a pessimist.

7. I am enrolled in an alternative teaching certification program and it is proving that I am not cut out to be a primary or secondary educator.

8. On the contrary, I am insanely passionate about learning and I hope to share that passion with others. I try to learn something new in every activity I participate in.

9. I still keep a journal.

10. I look to the future for opportunity, not to the past for regrets. I know things that I should not and have done things that I should not. I regret nothing because all of my actions and experiences have shaped me into the person I am… I love and understand myself more every day (even if I don’t always show it).

11. New Zealand or bust.

12. I am terribly afraid of the shredders on the highway- I swear one day they will kick something up and it’ll come crashing through my windshield and impale or decapitate me… but they don’t have a phobia for that one, yet.

13. I love shoes, but I honestly hate wearing them.

14. I abhor cold weather and wish I could hibernate or migrate with the change of the season.

15. As nice as it is to spend no more than 25 bucks at the pump and to fit into the tiniest of spaces with my itty bitty car, I miss my truck to the max.

16. I would crush you like a bug to get the last glass of sweet tea.

17. I don’t typically ask people to share their things because I am a rather stingy person.

18. Writing and jogging are the greatest stress relievers in my life… If I didn’t have my poetry I’d be absolutely lost.

19. If I grow old before I die, I want to defy the odds. I am not afraid of death.

20. Soccer replaced baseball as my most highly anticipated “season”

21. Big Star jeans are my greatest investment… They stop traffic.

22. I was nick named Shel-bug and Bugger because I was quite the tomboy growing up. I played with bugs, beat up boys, fished, hunted and played lots of sports. (I still do all of those things- just with a girly twist)

23. I have terrible manners.

24. I am in a constant state of thought/contemplation. My mind is always on overdrive.

25. I have grown increasingly sensitive to the pains of life; it frustrates me to be aware of this sensitivity and to have lost the ability to numb myself.


One thought on “25 random facts about Shel

  1. Big star jeans are awesome, just a little too exspensive and I agree running (jogging) is great for stress by far better than any drug in the world. I could be having the worst day and go for a run and then all of a sudden be in a state of euphoria.

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