On Surviving the test of Popular Culture

This broadcast is a test for rejection of faith and a quantum leap toward robotic perfection.
When the eyes become distracted by the singeing tears and draping dusts of lustful bounties
and the mind a battlefield for thoughts of execution over moral evolution of relationships
do we then bear our hearts as weapons for mass reformation?
Or do we step down, succumb to the abrasions- accept defeat,
this immoral combat becomes an accepted deviation from the norm of interpersonal deception-
it allows the toleration of obliterating the foundations, the solid boundaries of comprehension
of how all should remain within these realms of understanding, of trust and honesty.
And where these deviations lie, so do friends and foes as lovers and beyond,
and how the confusion and despair of actions mingles with bodily fluids as “natural” aphrodisiacs-
spherically enveloped with personal gains, no longer housing breaths of honest intentions.
We become an eternal contrast of the media’s elusive subliminal being… we bring it to life
embody the perfect weapon of composed chaos for we can no longer see past this image they hoped us to be.
How we lay about in mass, in denial of the obvious lack of luster, the sacredness of what it once stood for
this newfound moxie just a pseudo-phonetic enhancement of love.
I have awakened time and time again from this dream,
to find it closer to reality as my heart beats in sync with my fears of losing every chance to live in light of love.


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