A bond forever changed

I am destined not to fight the intent of this night
slowly to bear it all, in surrender so sweet
movements conditioned, calculated
intensely divine and inspired
by my heart’s unjust fight to make you mine.
Your flesh a taut mess of beads of sweat
and a touch flushed like rouge
along the trail my lips have brushed-
and as my eyes meet your gaze
a sly grin lights my face
to reveal my longing, my desire.

Wanting this from the start,
I cannot be restrained
one sweet kiss is the spark
to set passions ablaze
these two bodies become
one wild fire, raging beyond control
flames frantically tongue every surface
misshaping these godly molds
into a frenzy of sultry flesh
writhing, seizing time
in such a natural progression
the art of pure, raw human disaster.

As the room is sucked dry
of the last gasp of air
these flames turn to embers,
flit and sizzle to ash,
divided, float to rest
in a saturated twist of heavy breathing.
Exhausted plumes of faint smoke still loom,
boast the tale of erotic despair
as the aforementioned flame
ignited impulsively, spread quickly
and burned itself out.


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