Dumb Girl

The perception is that you will
because you just cannot find
the ill to ways of anyone,
so long as you be kind-
of course you are, sweet as honey
generous, empowered
sex appeal oozes from your pores
but still I just do not see
what they have led you to become.

Success seems wrapped in gold
and laid down at your feet
if you weep, they offer silk to dry
your porcelain, speckled skin-
of which you bare so carelessly.
Senseless, yet confident
clueless of how or why
you are tethered to these actions
you cannot define or even spell
(since I am being honest).

I no longer envy all these
adjectives with which I once described
your sultry ways and innocent eyes.
Jealousy is not becoming attire
beneath which I can no longer hide.

Arrogance is a haughty, crude bitch;
she choked the life of confidence
out with her last cigarette.
Lady, beware, or kindly step aside
let the master now preside
I am back; this game is mine.


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