You are not who I wanted me to be

The brush of your fingertips, leaving innocence behind
as this state of mind grows silent, seduced.
Now I could get used to this
watching your lips caress these spaces of mine
that have long since lost touch of even the thought of another.
This roving, these stunning sensations
pulsating through a lingering fondness by me, of you.
There is a story your ears will never hear,
my lips will never tell
of when two hearts combined, grew cold and out of optimal assumption,
this one of mine grew bold.
Through such a mutual heart we met,
such raw circumstance has led us to this day where still am I quite reticent to cast away thoughts of you foregoing love for lust
That your heart has not grown shallow, not lost, not callous.
It is a strong refined muscle
built to love and last a full term
but I am not asking for a lifetime.


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