Taking these last steps to you

It’s there in all the words we said which we can never take back,
in all of those words we wish we had spoken but know you will never hear.
It’s in our hearts as we search for meaning in the phrases left by those who knew you better, knew you less, who wish they could
and it grows when life defines these times with nothing but distress.
There is not a moment that lapses without a trace,
no scent, no touch no taste that has come to life in absence of this element upon which we strive to perfect, to elevate and regard into existence even when in it we claim not to believe.
I am here at the threshold, anticipating that familiar enveloping grasp to occupy the space it left inconsiderately hollow-
gaping as my mouth amongst its sobs, these agonized vessels, thirsting as my heart, she struggled to pump life to my limbs.
Will you find me where you are now?


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