You’re Beautiful, lifeless

We could have been closer you and me. I felt that your heart was kind, was beautiful like your face bright with smiles and laughter- they brought such light to this world.
But you have brought upon us a dark and sullen plague today as you took your life away and with it our smiles and tears, our hopes for you to persevere now wasted like the flesh God cloaked you in.
Some would call it selfish- this act you committed but my dear I call it tragic but you woud not hear it, would not have it another way.
You gave up to sin, gave in to death for the unfortunate life you lived but you were blessed in ways you will never comprehend and bless us still with what we knew of you- with what could have been.
You are not gone because your breasts no longer rise as you breathe.
You are not gone because your beauty wastes now buried deep below the surface, for that is where it lay all along.
You are gone because in death you cannot see the life you left behind, the life you left in us to carry on-
When in sorrow you left us to die alone.


2 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful, lifeless

  1. shellie – you’re a beautifully talented writer. if you ever want to do any freelance creative writing, please let me know! -phae

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