From Broken Bones to Mended Hearts

And so it goes that you cannot always get what you want, but when you are down to the wire, disappointed in everyone and every moment, God provides just what you NEED.
2010 started rough and has remained a consistent challenge. While my wiles began promptly in December 2009, they flexed over to the new year and it all came as no surprise to me. I am used to the despair and disappointment, though I have never been able to handle it in stride. I stress and break easily; I pine over every detail until I am wrecked and exhausted and, at that point, I still, in a bought of desperation, pursue compassion, sympathy and understanding. Why? Because no one wants to be lonely- wants to feel isolated, unloved or, at the very least, unwanted.
Ah, want. That which is often confused with needs, almost never met but becomes the focus of even the most sensible minds. We all struggle to rank wants secondary to needs; at what point though, have we allowed our selfish desires to define us… have we given up necessity for the consummation of temporary satisfactions?
I hope that in time, life answers such a question or that I discover what actions I can take to avoid being consumed by want. I hope to learn to genuinely appreciate the hand that life deals me. In fact, over the course of the last week or two, I have rediscovered an innate ability to self-reflect that has opened my eyes to the brilliance and wonder of God’s work.


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