How many love stories must a girl here before she can tell her own

This vow of love that you long to make,
this aching hollow in your chest with every breath that you take
does not stand to negotiate happiness in your heart
as you pray that it should.
For every worldly dream you have longed to achieve
remains far from reality like your cisterns releasing freely,
their water back to the sea- no man on earth will satisfy,
can stand to write such the love story as it is written of Adonai.

Blessed be this love He keepeth for me
He reigns with continued adoration of creation-
I am but a part, but He remembers… He knows my heart
and it is filled with His love, beautifully marked
and in Him, I am whole, completely satisfied
beyond the tiny fractures that this world tends to make.
Until His grace flows down to mend the pieces and I am once again restored,
so that I, created in His image, can share our love story.
It is simply so: I am His child, His beloved soldier
and He is my beloved Lord.


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