Keeping a Safe Heart Open

To which ever way the wind blows,
I hope it brings this message to you
for all I wanted to say in honesty
but could never convince my words to sound true.
I must have made a thousand mistakes to keep my thoughts at bay-
to keep my head in lieu of love and
my heart by patience’s way.

In lust we fix our eyes on great lots
And pray to be rewarded in haste for no time can we waste when every hour lost is an alibi,
though these pleasures we seek to keep our lives full up,
are certain never to satisfy.

My voice now sturdy though done harm as harm has been brought upon it
in past plights for such shameful episodes.
But those scenes since created bring to life this less jaded, irreplaceable talisman of virtue and of strength-
I am finally made whole, made new by His word- made to be right for someone deserving…
I will do you no wrong if you let me.


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