The third year

is only as long as you let it be.
I just can’t think of any excuse
not to cut you loose;
my hands are yet tied,
bound by this love
I hide still burning,
deeply yearning for you.

This depression now fills this space
where my heart once had replaced
its despairing with your love.
Forgiveness was the legacy
that cleansed my sins
and led me to free my heart
of these indecent desires-
that necrophilic lusting
of my soul for your flesh
to be brought back to life.

I shamed you for dancing with the stars
As they shot about
taunting my eyes to press
beyond the bounds of their sockets
while with simultaneous intensity
they followed the shimmer of the moon
on the waves that carried
the pieces of you along
until the morning brought the sun
and with it, you were gone.

Be leery of the cultivator of souls,
the watchful eyes of the weary,
the lies of the broken hearted.
There’s a fine line
by which to define
the separation of lies and deception;
I hope that I can somehow hide behind it
But like a bullet from a gun
Your memories flood back to mind
and from them I still cannot run.
They are dangerous,
for even a sensible mind like mine-
as it once was.
I liked you better
when you were but a mystery
when defiance pulled you toward me-
me to you.
Standing padlock gripped,
steady hearts until we were but
two hands anchored by want.

I want to keep it just like this
A phonetic balance of silence
Sealed with a crystalline kiss.


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