My Brothers Three

Three brothers have I acquired in this life
We share not blood, not flesh but trusting hearts.
With reconcilable love, we have grown to be
A family of dreamers in a time of disbelief.
My oldest brother was a gift of longevity and circumstance.
Common spaces synced our pace to this obvious default.
Where now we share this humble dwelling, these walls built soundly upon a familial bond- not to be shaken by anguished loves nor fretted hearts.

My twin is an acquired taste
for he and I were once at odds- in despair and uncertainty from which the pain has fortunately long since been subdued.
His embrace mirrors mine and certainly so does his heart.
A platonic understanding of brokenness but convincing healing
Through such a once mutually damaging now beneficial relationship.
No woes can shield the blood from running through this shared likeness of veins.
My youngest brother, my voice of reason, resonating through my every move- found me lapping up his sound advice and admirable skill and bravery.
The reigning knight of my story has he been since the moment we were born into each others worlds.
His loving heart beating out a sound of reassurance and sincere love for his sister
whom is hundreds of miles from reality but when within arms reach lingers in the embrace like a child fearful of the cold, lonely end.
How blessed am I to be
rewarded with the compassion
of my brothers three,
to have a Father who loves me
so unconditionally to provide with such accurate timing to ensure that He fulfills my every need.


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