Sing to the World a New Song

I am
desperate, I am,
for You.
In a world
so audibly despairing
so in need of
You. A Savior-
of something
to believe in,
to draw it to completion.
All we need, alone,
is You.

The world,
she seeks fulfillment
in every thing her eyes set upon
to mend her fragile,
yearning heart
to stop her haggard,
weary soul.
Why can
she not just believe
that only You
can set her spirit free?
You, alone.

Her helpless cries
are but whispers
to the ears of this earth.
For the skies
have grown polluted
with our self-indulgent noise.
But they are melodious,
beautifully designed
when they fall upon
the ears of the Devine.

If only she knew,
if only she knew
how this joy to be whole feels
in You
as You,
by Your grace
and merciful love
have made me new.
If only they knew;
if only they knew.


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