Winter’s Dandelion

In this silence, divine
these words come to life a beautiful rhyme,
a just reality of a Father’s love, and its untimely realization.
But first, to accurately attest, I must digress
to a time when this poor lass believed
that love was not a matter of His heart but of this worldly mind.

Along a stretch where the hay and oats grew,
there was a familiar edge about the air,
this home I used to know, used to seek fulfillment through.
The season’s greeting, the gentle sway of the dandelions
when teased by the breath of the breeze,
calling me to feel that sweet release
when from your smile, I felt the greatness of God’s love washing over me-
it was there, in that hollow that I found inner peace
with the sun’s warm rays shining on my face,
when you embraced me, drew me near
I knew then that you had it all, optioned you as the point of grace
to the very edge of the fall, where I let myself, my sights slip away…
but that is where I let you slip too.

These same veins that were ripe with longing, for Him then on to you,
warm with love were momentarily calloused, cold.
My heart, hollowed, gutted by the lies you sold,
the breath from my tender touch you stole,
flaking my lungs to rags and you still cling to your “riches”
praying on your knees while preying upon souls like me.

You were some kind of genius, to distract me so
for truly you believed at least your reflection
to be the man God intended for you to see-
that your fleshy action might be less a sin
since you already planned to beg for forgiveness again
and, I, naively, gave in.

There is a restless wake here, swelling behind the vows you made
by the lesser souls you manage to wake when swearing to know the way-
however, the path to glory that you claim to take
is a complete negation of righteousness;
I am thankful I am no longer able to climb behind you.
Your will cannot be done, since these webs you have spun
were only beautiful enough to get tangled in,
but not strong enough to imprison their victims much too long.

By gasping breaths, from such an escape, I take back time,
I take back life to live and this mind of mine
to finally think clearly, and love again…
love only my true, glorious Savior.
For around you, I saw in me the person I hate most to be
and the best thing to come from you was goodbye.

Now, through this exhaustion that brings me surest sleep,
I pray the Lord my heart to keep,
keep beating these precarious beats
while my soul to pine over His precious peace, and nothing more.
His declaration for me is just to love,
Him; to trust in Him. Alone.

Lord, when still I cry because my human heart
was never seemingly satisfied,
even when it knows that You alone satiate the hunger pain.
Please give me grace unending; please show me where to move
because until You tell me, Lord
I will wait here for You.
And when this life is over, that is,
when Your will is done in me,
I want to be rejoicing with You then,
Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son.


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