Diving In

At the end of this month I am moving in with my older sister, whom I love but have never really seen eye to eye with on anything. When we lived together at our parent’s house, I swear we tiptoed around each other to avoid World War III. (Ok so that might be a bit of a hyperbolic statement there, but with two hormonal, female teenagers it’s not so hard to believe that tempers ran hot and nerves were shot.)

Over the past 5 years of living apart, we have inevitably grown close and I truly love and appreciate the bond that we share. I never thought that I would say it, but my sister is pretty much my best friend. We are still like night and day, but our differences compliment nicely and we generally can compromise on things that used to bring the claws out. Really, she dutifully assumed the bully, older sibling role; yes, she wore it proudly while pushing me into ant piles and shoving ice in my underpants. I laugh now, but I hated that she was always bigger, stronger and more assertive (ahem, mean) and clever than I could fathom. Now, I love her for all of those things.


For example, in preparation of my move into her home, we decided to paint the room I am moving into. We quickly compromised on a color that we somehow both LOVED and worked diligently to complete the entire painting process, together, in about 4 hours. She delegated (naturally)… she took the highs and I took the lows.

With some Pomegranate wine in our glasses and her music (that I typically cannot stand. It’s mostly 70s and 80s country that I just don’t recognize) playing in the background, we made those walls our canvas and brought the room to life. I am the artsy, free form one and she is very detail oriented, but somehow we never butted heads. Maybe it was the wine; maybe it was the color of the room! But, when, as if on God’s cue, Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Dive” came on, (a song I LOVELOVELOVE) we both started singing at the tops of our lungs and I had the brightest smile on my face. I knew in that moment, that things are going to work out perfectly here!

I don’t think she knows… she may never, but that was the best new memory I think that I have ever made.


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